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Medical Massage

NYSHIP Empire Plan


This Empire Plan pays for covered  hospital services, physicians’ bills,  prescription drugs, and various other medical treatments including massage therapy. Healing Sanctuary & Spa is now participating in medical massage therapy practice that provides patients with a tranquil environment to help them find relief from pain and discomfort. Our professional massage therapists specialize in a variety of massage techniques that are designed to treat a wide range of medical conditions. Furthermore, we proudly accept NYSHIP as a covered benefit, meaning that our services are available to all New York State public employees and employers. Visit us today and begin your journey to a healthier you.

How does it work?


Q: Does Healing Sanctuary & Spa accept insurance? 

A: Yes, Healing Sanctuary & Spa accepts NYSHIP as an out-of-network benefit. Once you meet your out-of-pocket deductible ($1250) your massage sessions can be covered by insurance. 


Q: What do I need to do to begin my massage therapy sessions?

A: In order to begin, you must have a doctor's prescription for medical massage. The prescription must include a billable ICD-10 code(s). With the prescription in hand, contact Healing Sanctuary & Spa to book your first appointment. 


Q: Does Healing Sanctuary & Spa offer massage packages? 

A: Yes, Healing Sanctuary & Spa offers massage packages tailored to your individual needs. Please contact us for more information.

To inquire about your coverage

Please provide some information below, we will contact you at our earliest convenience.  You are welcome to call us at (516) 414- 0876

Thank you! We look forward in helping you!

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