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Which do you NEED?


Full Body Cupping

60 Min | $140

This remarkable therapy employs negative pressure rather than tissue compression.  This service is great for EVERYONE and is Customized to your bodies specific needs.  This is a fantastic substitute from a painful deep tissue massage.  The beauty of this services is that you receive relief instantaneously and in-fact are skipping the painful experience.  Using smooth, soft silicone cups, the connective tissue is drawn up gently stretched and pulled - which results in many positive benefits:

*Increased and improved blood circulation

*Removes the build up of toxins in blood & muscles

*Lower Blood Pressure

*Loosens up and relieves pain from deep hard to reach muscles

*Helps to reduce body pain, fatigue & anxiety

*Promotes better range of motion

*Reduces Joint Pain

Abdominal Cupping

25 Min | $85

Gentile and effective way to clear out and detox intestinal track.  As you relax in a spa setting, smooth silicone cups along with coconut oil & a blend of essential oils are gently used to externally manipulate the area to stimulate the digestive system - large intestine, small intestine, stomach & colon. This technique gently helps to remove waste build up by eliminating

bloating, intestinal discomfort and constipation. Promotes healthy digestive functions and relieves abdominal irritation.

*Relieves symptoms of IBS, Constipation, Gas.

*Improves appetite, digestion, bile flow & metabolism.

*Soothes the Nervous system.

*Relieves indigestion & heartburn.

*Clears colon blockages.

*Increases absorption of required nutrients and water.

*Releases inner emotions.


Facial Cupping

20 min | $55

Cupping helps with the draining of fluids from sinuses which may be connected to sinus infections, inflammation of the sinuses and congestion.  With the use of hot towels, citrus essential oils and some facial massage with glass cups to suction facial skin surface increasing blood flow and circulation.  This motion aids in reduction of stagnant fluids which cause chronic puffiness around the eyes and nose. It minimizes tension and tightens your facial muscles which softens the appearance of expression lines -  Good BYE Botox !

Biomagnetic Reflexology

50 Min |$95

Biomagnetic reflexology is traditional reflexology with a twist.  Incredible treatment for people who are active on their feet all day, work out or do intensive training.  Whether you choose to relax or revive, this is the ultimate new best way! 

We begin the fabulous service with a soothing foot massage with coconut and essential oils followed by plush hot towels wrapping the feet for 10 minutes.  While the feet are wrapped, you may choose either a scalp or hand massage.  Using gentile suction with smooth plastic cups which have attached a positive & negative magnetic fields are applied to the reflexes of the feet.  This therapy works on principals that there are reflexes in the feet, face, ears and hands that are connected to all the various systems, organs and glands of the body.  It is a holistic therapy that works the whole body not just conditions or disease.

What you can expect from one or a series of treatments is:

*reduction of inflammation and fluid retention

*improvement of blood circulation

*aiding in sleep disorders and depression

*detoxification of organs and systems of the body

*deep relief from muscle aches

*restoration of balance

*strengthening of immune system & improved overall well being.

***If you are pregnant, have a pacemaker or wear a transdermal patch - you are not permitted to receive biomagnetic services.***

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